Purpose-Driven Photography and Videography Real estate, events and promotional campaigns; we offer landscape, action and HDR photography, as well as time lapse and promotional video/editing services.

Visually Stimulate Your Customers

Digital imagery of the still and moving varieties.

From short and sharp photo shoots to series-style promotional video.

Promotional Videos That Tell Stories

People like stories. People like watching videos. Creating a short but powerful video that tells the story of your business can be a highly useful tool for reaching larger audiences.

We deliver a high standard of promotional video designed to be distributed on the web, catering to the needs of your business and targetting your specific market.

The level of production however ultimately depends on the budget. Inclusions such as interviews, multiple camera angles and time lapses, all add huge value to the end result.

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Photography & Videography Services From stills photograpy to video production, our photo and video services complement the 360 panos and virtual tours perfectly.

Property Shoots

Quick turn-around real estate and holiday home photography, with web and print-ready options.

Realistic HDR

We use an HDR photography technique called exposure fusion, balancing the darks and the lights without making the end result look fake.

Time Lapse

High-production time lapse work, capturing a variety of natural environments and light changes.

Aerial Imagery

That birds-eye-view angle only possible with drones flying at close-proximity; our aerial services can be commissioned for all manner of web photo and video.

Promotional Video

Quality productions that tell your story and provide that extra spark when marketing your business on the web.

Instructional Video

Detailed and purpose-driven instructional videos and screencasts, created to be distributed on the web.

Photo & Video Services Pricing From property shoots to instructional videos.

  • Photography Services

    Starting at ...

    $249 +GST

  • Real estate photography, with 20+ web-ready images with print-ready versions available
  • Event photography, commissioned by the hour or by the day, with the image rights going to the client
  • Action photograpy, from extreme sports to general outdoors
  • See an example
  • Professional Time Lapses

    Starting at ...

    $299 +GST

  • Stock time lapses available to be licensed for your own video project, from $299
  • Commissionable time lapse services, as part of a larger production
  • Time lapse specific projects of varying sizes, available by request
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  • Promotional & Instructional Videos

    Starting at ...

    POA only

  • Professionally shot and edited promotional videos for online purposes, with rights-free music
  • Videos delivered via our Vimeo channel, hard drive or uploaded to the platform of your choice
  • Prices calculated on number of days filming and number of days editing required
  • See an example

All prices exclude GST.