Innovative Aerial Imagery Aerial photography, aerial video, and now 360 degree aerial virtual tours!

Inspire Your Audience With A Unique Perspective

Aerial imagery of both still and moving varieties.

Shot from our extremely high-tech drone!

Aerial Imagery With Cutting Edge Technologies

Shot at an altitude lower than normal helicopters are legally allowed to fly, yet higher than any surrounding building, our aerial imagery provides a completely new perspective, designed to captivate your audience.

We have partnered with Flightcontroller Ltd to provide a greater level of service, allowing us to operate under the Part 102 Unmaned Aircraft Operator Certificate (UAOC), as recognised by the CAA. This gives us the ability to shoot at public events, in restricted airspace and at night. Read more here .

Utilising our current 360 degree technologies and our Inspire 1 UAV, we also create 360 degree virtual tours from above. This new sub-brand,, sets a new standard in audience engagement and user interaction.

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Aerial Photo, Video and Virtual Tours That birds-eye-view angle only possible with drones flying at close-proximity; our aerial services can be commissioned for all manner of photo and video projects, as well as our unparalleled 360 degree aerial virtual tours.

Aerial Photos

Quick turn-around aerial photography, perfect for real estate, events, or surveying and agriculural uses.

Aerial Video

Create a promotional video from the air or commission aerial video services as a part of a bigger production.

Aerial Virtual Tours

Combining our 360 degree technologies with the unique aerial perspective, this is a highly innovative service.

4K Quality Video

Much better than a GoPro, our drone shoots 4K HD quality video and RAW photos, and has a 3D gimble keeping the footage unbelievably stable.

Part 102 Operator

In partnership with Flight Controller, we operate under a Part 102 Certificate, allowing us to shoot at public events and in restricted airspace.

Unbelievable Distances

We can fly up to 1.5 KMs away from our start location, as long as we maintain line of sight with our UAV.

Aerial Imagery Pricing Aerial photos, video and virtual tours.

  • Aerial Photography

    Starting at ...

    $399 +GST

  • Real estate photography, with 10+ print-quality images, with reb-ready versions also supplied
  • Event imagery, commissioned by the day, with the image rights going to the client
  • Surveying / agriculture service options, price on application
  • See an example
  • Aerial Video

    Day rates of ...

    $999 +GST

  • Stunning birds-eye view aerial video for almost any purpose
  • Working with Flight Controller to operate under the CAA 102 UAV Operators License
  • Available for multi-day commercial jobs or smaller, local-only projects at half-day rates
  • See an example
  • 360 Aerial Virtual Tours

    Varies ...

    POA only

  • Utilising our 360 degree technologies to create virtual tours from above
  • With town/resort maps and user call-to-actions placed with the tours
  • Use as a main feature on your website via iframe embedding code
  • See an example

All prices exclude GST.