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Website Project for MyPakageNZ

Project Description

MyPakage is a men's underwear brand focusing on the action sports market. As part of our ongoing relationship with Winter Imports Ltd. we were commissioned to create their first e-commerce website, allowing them to sell online, direct to customers, as well as distributing to their stores.

We built the website on Wordpress using the Woocommerce plugin for the store front. The client provided us with some great imagery to work with and wanted a simple, easy to use, finished product.

About MyPakage

The story of MyPakage started out as a business philosophy, a brand that would change the game.

MyPakage have set a new benchmark and made the best underwear on the planet for men. They took the most advanced fabric technology and construction techniques available and built underwear that is unrivaled for fit, comfort, support and style.

Project Overview

Name Website Project for MyPakageNZ Completed February 2016 Categories Website Design Author 360nz
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