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Two Websites for Niseko Academy

Project Description

This web design project was the second phase of the previously completed Powder Detours website design project. The client was impressed with the first site, and therefore requested a similar layout and design for the other two facets of their business.

Both of the following websites were to carry very similar branding but retain a number of individual characteristics, due to the differences in audience. It was important for the instructortrainingacademy.com site to be highly engaging yet well-structured. The selection of products on offer have subtle, yet important, differences, but the price tag is relatively high. These two variables were important for us to keep in mind throughout the whole research, design and content-creation process.

The third website in the project, nisekoskischool.com, was to maintain a very similar theme, yet remain more simple with obvious product options and booking processes.

A number of our own images were also utilised in both websites - we've spent some time in Niseko!

About Niseko Academy

Niseko Academy is based in Hokkaido, Japan. They are considered to be Niseko’s number one ski and snowboard coaching academy, offering top-quality instructor training courses, exclusive powder guiding products and a premier private lesson service.

Project Overview

Name Two Websites for Niseko Academy Completed July 2015 Categories Website Design Author 360nz
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