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Promotional Video for BE Headwear

Project Description

Commissioned by Winter Imports New Zealand, this promotional video was created for two purposes: 1) for display in-store, on small screens, alongside a print advertising campaign, and 2) to feature online by the BE Headwear International.

The goal of this video was to capture attention and subtly hint at the functionality of the product, in this case the blue tooth enabled speakers.

As the client is based in Wanaka, this was the ideal location to shoot - with the easy access to the outdoors and the beautiful scenery, shooting in Wanaka was the obvious choice.

About BE Headwear

BE headwear prides itself on being the number one bluetooth beanie retailer in the USA - they sell more bluetooth beanies than any company out there.

BE Headwear are known for having some of the best bluetooth beanies on the market. Their slogan is... "BE cord free, BE yourself, BE Headwear."

Project Overview

Name Promotional Video for BE Headwear Completed July 2015 Categories Product Ranges Video Production Author 360nz
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