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My Favourite Run Video Series

Project Description

In 2013 we partnered with iOn Cameras to create a short point-of-view video series called My Favourite Run, featuring a different local athlete on a their favourite trail/run.

The videos were created with the everyday iOn camera user in mind. This meant choosing a run/trail that was achievable for the audience, with simple yet appropriate editing. The additional filming elements were limited to multiple cameras with unique views and a continual audio feed from the athlete, sharing their thoughts on why they enjoyed that particular trail.

As part of the project we created two simple animated intros (a winter version and a summer version), and used locally created music from Civilion Sol. This is a downhill mountain bike episode with Queenstown local rider Reon Boe, but please see the My Favourite Run Vimeo Channel for the other episodes.

About iOn Cameras

iOn is an HD action sports camera based out of the United States. Their mission is "To allow the people to keep their EYE ON THE ACTION".

iON Worldwide LLC is the parent company of consumer electronic specialist, World Wide Licenses Ltd – owner of the iON trademark globally for digital imaging since 2001.

Project Overview

Name My Favourite Run Video Series Completed January 2014 Categories Video Production Author 360nz
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